Monday, April 27, 2009


On a personal note, things have been totally crazy around here for the past couple of weeks. My husband's dad was diagnosed with cancer ten days ago, and he was in the hospital most of last week for tests. He is planning to start chemotherapy later this week, but because of the cancer type and stage, his prognosis is not good. I'm turning in my resignation letter at work on Wednesday because my father-in-law had been handling most of the home schooling for our daughter, and he won't be able to continue.

Right now, I'm home schooling in the morning and working in the afternoons, but taking my daughter (and the work that she can do independently) into the office with me. I've been working full-time for the past thirteen years, so becoming a stay-at-home mom will be quite a change. I feel sort of like I'm in a dream sequence now, where I'm called to respond to an urgent situation, and I become so focused on planning and doing necessary things that everything else gets tuned out.


  1. This IS a big change - please know that I am here thinking of you, and your father-in-law, and husband and daughter. A big change for everyone, and not one chosen. Tune out what you must because you must. And take care.

  2. sorry to hear about your father-in-law.
    May you and your family find the strength to pass through this phase.

    And it's difficult to adjust to any change.
    May you find the strength within.

  3. Debi & Desperado—Thanks for your words of encouragement. I’m finally going to have time to write an update which I will post later today.

    I’ve become convinced that if we want to have good lives, the most useful thing we can do is to respond to whatever problem may arise by saying to ourselves resolutely: “I can handle this, and I will.”