Friday, April 3, 2009

A Message From My Dream to Yours

We each walk around in our own dream, and so does everyone else we meet. We are continually trying to pull others into our dream, to get them to play the parts we want them to play. Or else we're trying to invade their dreams, to ride in like the hero on our white horses. But the thing is, every dream only has one hero, and that hero is always the dreamer. The truth is, if you want to be in someone else's dream, you've got to learn to play a supporting role. We just can't assert ourselves into the world and expect it to revolve around us. Just stop for a minute and think about who you really are. Only in your own dreams can you be perfect and perfectly wanted. But, and here's the really unspeakably beautiful thing, you have the power to walk into someone else's dream and make them feel perfect and perfectly wanted, if only you choose to do it.

You are driven to get out there and work for what you want. You feel that you need to work like there's no tomorrow and everything depends on you. And you take the reins off your desire and let it fully bloom, until you're all desire and it consumes you. Until the wanting in you radiates like the sun, and fills your universe. But you will realize that ultimately you're not going to get what you want, you're going to get something else. Then the urgent question of your existence becomes: what will you do with that something else?

Today is a good day for confessions, and I have one. I love people. I generally don't tell them I love them, but I do. I'll pass someone as I'm walking, and I'll say "Hi, how are you?", but in my mind, I really think it as "I love you". I think it at people I know and at people I don't even know. Sometimes when I'm too distant to be heard, and I'm just waving at someone from afar, I catch myself mouthing the words. I would like to say it for real, but it just seems socially awkward, and I'm not sure people would believe me anyway.

Do me a favor, will you? This is a personal request from me to you, and it's really important to me. The next time someone says to you, "Hi, how are you?", just pretend it's me saying "I love you." Okay?


  1. I'm so consumed by my dream that I really have no role to play in others' dreams.I have played the supporting role you mention in enabling dreams of other.Now I don't even want to wish them good.I'm just pissed at the whole world,myself and god.
    But I know that I will come into my senses sometime and then I will be able to appreciate your post much better.

  2. Desperado--Even though you’re in a dark place now, it seems like you’re one with your emotions and not fighting them. Like you say, time is the master healer. Too many people get stuck in victim mentality and end up feeling helpless to change, but I think you understand that you’re choosing this, and allowing it to be an emotionally cathartic experience for you. I’m going to put your blog on my list and keep an eye on you because I think you have something precious locked away inside you, like a butterfly still in the darkness of its cocoon.

  3. Hello, this is my first time visiting. It feels comfortable and 'down to earth' here, so I'll share.
    I'm not trying to be in anyone's dream right now. I prefer to keep my burden light. Instead I'm blog hopping to see what others are doing to work on peace within their own heart. I'm thinking that when I can do that, maintain peace, then maybe I can share it with another. It's a minimalist approach but I think I need that.
    I really like your postings; I'll come back soon. Sincerely, dcrelief